Garyvee Gets it! Teaching twitter to the mainstream media

Garyvee has that innate understanding about social media.

So many of us sense the bigger picture. That we're just beginning with social media. That we ain't seen nothing yet. And that if you're not embracing Twitter Facebook and the other platforms, with a passionate desire to LISTEN to your customers and audience, you will be left in the dust.

Watch Gary Vaynerchuck's intense CNN interview that captures the essence of what interacting is all about.

I've got a Twitter account - now what?

It's easy to sign up for Twitter on www.Twitter.com, but then what? For best results use your real name, so people you know can find you.

If you don't find people to follow (that means you'll be able to see their updates on your Twitter home page ) you will be sitting in cyberspace all by your lonesome. And what fun is that!

So how do you "follow" someone?

Log into your Twitter account. Then go to my Twitter page http://www.Twitter.com/tvamy and click on the follow button. If you want my updates to go to your cell phone read below how to connect Twitter to your mobile device. You can use Twitter from your computer, or from your phone or both.

On the twitter "Discover" page you can find people to follow using the options on the upper left. https://twitter.com/i/discover

You can follow Channel Seven http://twitter.com/WSPA7OnYourSide  to stay up on the news.

How do I send a message

On Twitter you can send a message to me, or anyone else, by clicking home up on the left side of the twitter home page.  Just below that you'll see a "compose message" box -  type @tvamy (no spaces) and then make a space and then type your message. The @ symbol directs your message to the person you are trying to reach. Don't leave a space between their name and the @ symbol - if you do they won't see your message.

How do I find people to follow that fit my interests?

Head to:   https://twitter.com/i/discover you can enter peoples names to see if they are on Twitter in the find friends section. Fire off some of your favorite celebrities names and see if they're on Twitter (some are legit, there are some people who pose as celebs too). You can also send out invitations to your friends to join you on Twitter if you have their email address.

Twitter is most fun when you find people who share an interest in the kind of information you find helpful. You can go to specialized sites and then start searching for people in your city or state.  There are some suggestions here.

You will notice when you click on the Twitter name or "handle" -there is often a link to the person's blog or website. That is the best way to find out more about them and whether what they focus on would be helpful or interesting to you.

I've got a message!

When you get a Twitter message  as you hover over it at the bottom you'll see options to reply or retweet (pass it along to your followers) - The star let's you "favorite" a message - which will keep it on your favorites list in case you see something you want to hold onto or read later.

What is a direct message?

Direct messages are private. They won't show up on the public pages.  People will sometimes tweet DM me, which means to private message them.  If you are writing out a tweet and not using the buttons remember you type a d and MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A SPACE before you type the tweet message. If you don't leave a space - that message you thought was going out privately will suddenly be public!

I send most of my "tweets" (Twitter messages) as regular @ replies, because the more you share info that others can see, the more people will have an opportunity to be exposed to your "tweets" and get interested in following you.

A person has to be following you for you to be able to send them a direct message.

How can I track what people are saying about a certain subject?

If you go to http://search.Twitter.com/ you can search for subjects you are interested in, or your town name. Maybe you want to track what people think about the sports game you're watching, or a big news event, or the latest movie. This is the perfect place to do that and you may discover new people you would like to follow.

The website twellow.com allows you to search categories which could lead you to tons of interesting tweeple (people on Twitter).

What on earth does RT mean?

You will see this alot: RT @joeblow and then a message, often with a link to a blog, or article.

RT stands for Re-Tweet which means you are passing along someones message to your followers.

It's often a message you found helpful, or a piece of information you think they need to see.

Twitter is all about sharing info and it is completely fine to pass along someones work. In fact it's a huge compliment. Typing RT and repeating their name (their twitter handle: @joeblow) gives them the credit they are due.

Get Amy's updates on my phone

First you need to set up your mobile device. You do that in the settings section on the upper right side of your Twitter page. Go to devices. (here is a direct link http://twitter.com/devices) Put in your mobile phone number.

Then, you have to turn on my updates so they reach your mobile phone. You can either go directly to my page http://www.twitter.com/tvamy or you can click on followers and you'll see me on your list. When you get to my page, make sure you're following me. If not, first click follow. Then, you will notice that under my name and picture it says following - devices off. You need to click devices on.

You can do the same thing for the WSPA news updates.

Keep in mind, you will get alot of updates, so I don't recommend doing this unless you have an unlimited texting plan. It would get pretty expensive otherwise.

It might be something you want to turn on in a big breaking news situation.

Hang in there!

So glad you are trying out Twitter. Give it some time. Send me a message if you have questions. Just type @tvamy and your question and I'll be happy to help!

Share this link if you think this can help anyone else -  http://ht.ly/mcA0G - perhaps to your friends who you invite to join you on Twitter!

Wake up to the power of the net!

Chew on this for a minute! Half of all adults in the U.S. have blogged, texted, or used social networks to connect with others. HALF of all adults.

And when you isolate the 18 to 34 year olds, the numbers reveal 9 out of 10 are using these forms of communication.

Terry Heaton, one of my favorite bloggers on the digital age, shares those important numbers, in his recent Po Mo Blog.

Its a very interesting read for those paying attention to social media.

And if you aren't paying attention, time to wake up!

The coffee's been brewing for a while and if you don't start sipping, it's going to taste pretty nasty!

Let me know if I can help your group get started. It's overwhelming at first. That is why you need a tour guide!