“Amy has distinguished herself as a pioneer in interacting with her audience in real time through new media.”
Reid Ashe, Chief Operating Officer, Media General, Inc.
managed Amy indirectly at WSPA Channel 7 (CBS) Spartanburg, SC

“Amy has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to using technology to engage her audience. She was one of the first--if not THE first--local TV anchor to add a daily live chat to the late newscast she anchors. Amy actively uses social media for reporting and disseminating the news. And she seems to have an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm for all of it.”
Deborah Potter, Executive Director, NewsLab

“Amy presented for the Social Media Club in Greenville, SC. She was extremely thorough in describing the benefits of social media and how to do it right. She had several examples of the good, the bad and the ugly across social media. Amy has an amazing overview of social media. especially twitter, and made it very easy to see why twitter would be a good practice for anyone trying to brand themselves in today's competitive marketplace.”
Danielle Cuddie,
hired Amy as a Business Consultant in 2009

“Amy is a social technology pioneer in the world of broadcast news. More importantly, she readily shares what she's learning and is always available to answer questions to help others. She was a fellow presenter with me at a Business Jumpstart workshop presented by Business Black Box magazine and held at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. The audience enjoyed her information packed, informative presentation, and then stayed around a long time afterwards asking questions and benefitting from Amy's insight.”
Trey Pennington, The Pennington Group

“Simply put, Amy is a media visionary. Her ideas of integrating traditional news coverage with online media continue to be well ahead of most others. Her skill as a journalist is remarkable on its own, but it is her desire to take risks in a highly risk-adverse profession that make her a national role model. I admire Amy for her desire to embrace new ways of thinking - and to be a thought leader as well. I write and speak about new media and often present her work as a primary example of how to Do Things Right.”
Steve Safran, Sr. Vice President, Media 2.0, AR&D
was a consultant or contractor to Amy at Media General

“I interviewed Amy for my new book The Digital Handshake. The reason I did was because she impressed me as being someone very tuned-in (pardon the pun) to what was happening on the next-generation Internet. For example, she was using Twitter as a tool to broadcast news well before the likes of celebrity newscasters on CNN or Fox. Amy understands the way news works today and that more traditional approaches are on their way out. In my view she epitomizes the way news will be broadcast in the future and is an ardent evangelist to promote such.”
Paul Chaney, Author, The Digital Handshake
was with another company when working with Amy at Media General