Social Media for Non-Profits

My thanks to DNA Creative Communications for inviting me to headline a Non-Profit seminar this summer, on fueling your movement with social media.

I wanted to share some helpful links with the people I met and those of you who follow the Social Moves blog and work in the non-profit world.

First off Jeff Bullas has some Facebook Fan Page tips: Click here.

Here is a great link on time management.

And Chris Brogan has wonderful insight on Google+ he shared in Forbes.

I also put together two demos on how I manage the madness that is social media with Tweetdeck and Twitter Lists.

I invited you to follow this blog and the Social Moves Facebook page.

And Ignite You is a Facebook and Twitter community that can help anyone interested in setting their personal brand and career on fire, connect with others who want to do the same.

Join us!