How do I follow so many people?

How do I follow so many people on Twitter? I get the question from time to time. It's not as overwhelming with Twitter Lists.

Here's how to use them and set them up:

Let me know if it works for you? Any other tricks? Share in the comments.

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Another Handy Dandy Google+ trick - Manycam

The power of Google+ to solve your technical problems as you experiment and innovate is pretty impressive.

During a Hangout Sunday night, I learned a trick that will be helpful to small business people wanting to do some small scale webinar work with G+ Hangouts, and broadcasters trying to share two screens.

There are also a wide array of completely silly and fun applications. The alien, the frog. LOTS of special effects options that will crack you up in Hangouts.

Download ManyCam!

From the "Be right back" signs you can hang up on your screen, to the screen sharing and ability to put up TWO cams/sources - it solves many problems you can encounter trying to use Hangouts.

From technically gifted Carson Coots who helped demo Manycam for Craig Kanalley and the rest us us, to Jason Salas who first pasted the Manycam link into our chat window - big thanks.

Let me know what you think about it!

Social Media for Non-Profits

My thanks to DNA Creative Communications for inviting me to headline a Non-Profit seminar this summer, on fueling your movement with social media.

I wanted to share some helpful links with the people I met and those of you who follow the Social Moves blog and work in the non-profit world.

First off Jeff Bullas has some Facebook Fan Page tips: Click here.

Here is a great link on time management.

And Chris Brogan has wonderful insight on Google+ he shared in Forbes.

I also put together two demos on how I manage the madness that is social media with Tweetdeck and Twitter Lists.

I invited you to follow this blog and the Social Moves Facebook page.

And Ignite You is a Facebook and Twitter community that can help anyone interested in setting their personal brand and career on fire, connect with others who want to do the same.

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Social News

The interactive work I'm doing with social media, is getting alot of attention. Wanted to share some of the articles with you.

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Amy frequently speak in the community, about the power of social media, public speaking techniques and blogging. Email her with your requests. Just click here: connect.