I am turning into a "Spranchor" with Spreecast

How lucky are those of us in broadcast, who enjoy the social media playground, to have so many fabulous products to experiment with.

Lately I have been on Color - Ustream - Google Plus - and this week launched into Spreecast!

Spreecast is clicking the fastest with my audience that I have seen with a video chat.

The sharing capabilities will amaze you! To be in your live show and seemlessly Tweet, Facebook and chat is just awesome!

But the KEY feature Spreecast has mastered that the others aren't touching yet - is the ability to have a "producer" or multiple producers and move people in and out of video chat, preview their stream, and communicate on a private backchannel that only the host and producers see!

I am very early in this Spreecast experience, but LOVE it!

Search for me on Spreecast

I am embedding a #Spreecast from this weeks show at 10.

Toward the end you can see me bring in viewers to chat and you'll also notice that throughout we can share links to the stories we are discussing, resources we mention etc.  And it all plays back - chat comments - links - featured comments - when people visit the stream after it's over - they see ALL of it!

Either you as host,  or someone you give "producer" powers to, who you trust (like my friend Becky Pittman) can move viewers into and out of  the livestream on camera, and can share links and supplemental nuggets during the show.

Also want to point you to COLOR which is an awesome app that will reach your subscribers and friends on Facebook. Saturday Night Live is where I spotted it.

It's 30 sec to a min of live streaming, perfect for snippets behind scenes in shows where you aren't streaming all the time.  You can actually SEE viewers turning in with their profile pic and name, so you can speak to them during the short stream snippets.

I only have one "interactive" show at 10 - the rest are more typical newscasts - so COLOR gives me a chance to work in clips during the other shows, to give viewers a glimpse behind the lens.   It alerts to all your Facebook folks phones if they download the free app.

I enjoy Google Plus for interviews and talk backs with viewers off air.    The fact that it feeds to your You Tube Channel is a real plus!  I hope that Spreecast can develop this kind of You Tube sharing/archiving option.

Let me know what YOU are playing with.  Always interested in hearing about what is working.  It's going to be different, market to market, country to country.

Stay connected!


  1. Hi Amy, much the same can be done with YouTube comments. Perhaps the format is a little different, but I feel it is just as effective.

    1. This is so streamlined and the producer side is so powerful. Plus you can feature comments in the video - you can submit questions that can be taken on screen - you can share links and it all replays with the broadcast in the same timing that it occured live... it's really cool. Check it out. I LOVE it! And the way my viewers are responding, I'd lost all my old chatters but they are coming back and the views are better than youtube a couple of hundred for each spreecast.... I am impressed.

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